Worst Recent Contracts for the New York Yankees

December 15, 2016 Michael Morris 0
The Derek Jeter era will officially come to an end next May after his number No. 2 is retired. The high point of the New York Yankees most recent dynasty run was winning four World Series titles in five seasons. However, it has been a few years since a victory parade has overtaken the Canyon of Heroes in Mid-town Manhattan. In the 13 seasons following the dynasty run, the Yankees have hoisted the World Series trophy only once as team management chose to rebuild the roster through free agency and the results have been anything but ordinary. Yes, the Yankees had their share of buyer’s remorse; some of the free agent signings have blossomed into good investments, while others haven’t reached that pinnacle. Free agency isn’t an exact science as teams are paying big money for players in their declining years. P Kei Igawa The signing of Kei Igawa is still the most baffling free agent signing in the history of baseball. The Yankees gave $46 million to a pitcher that had a below average fastball and questionable control. Thankfully, the Igawa experiment o...Read More

5 Changes to the MLB CBA That You Need to Know About

December 11, 2016 Michael Morris 0
On December 1, 2016, a new collecting bargaining agreement (CBA) was made between the owners of MLB and the Major League Baseball Players Association (MLBPA). The final deal was done at midnight between the two parties still keeping the offseason running. The usual work was not interrupted during the agreement signing. Several issues like timing, time management of the MLB season, roster expansion and the execution of an international draft could not be completed during the meeting. In the end, a labor peace was finally made in the Major League Baseball Team. Here, we are listing out the five important changes that were made to the game.   Longer Season: Earlier the Major League Baseball Team had been planning to cut short the total number of games being played in one season. However, the owners were apparently against the idea of cutting down the number of games to 154. After all, losing eight games in total is equivalent to losing a lot of revenues. Thus, the plan of shortening the total duration of the season has been set off the table. The season will still continue with 162 game schedule. However, the season will be starting...Read More

MLB Players Who Have Gone From Rookie of the Year to MVP

December 10, 2016 Michael Morris 0
When I began to review the MLB players who have gone from rookie of the year to MVP, I learned so much more. Major League Baseball is a professional baseball organization that consist of 30 teams, 15 in the American League (AL), and the National League (NL), who has 15 teams. In 2000, the American League and the National League became a legal entity, and is combined as the Major League Baseball. The same rules and regulations apply to both groups, except the AL operates under one designated hitter rule, and the other one doesn't. In order to qualify as a rookie for Major League Baseball, a new contender must exceed 130 bats. They must also be active on a major league team roster, fewer than 45 days in the previous season. Trying to achieve these goals for the Major Baseball League is sometimes, hard for some new baseball players. Many of the players, will go from a rookie, to a Most Valuable Player- See List below: * Ryan Howard, Phillies 2006 He led the NL with .58 home runs and 149 RBIs. * Kris Bryant, Cubs 2013 He batted .292 with 39 home runs and 102 RB...Read More

MLB Gets Back To Work

February 24, 2016 Michael Morris 0
I'm a Seattle guy, so even though my Mariners haven't been very good for quite some time I still get excited for baseball season. Pitchers and catchers have reported for duty and that means baseball is just around the corner.  It's been nice to see the Twittersphere blowing up with talk about MLB. And of course there are plenty of predictions.  The Vegas win totals have been posted for every single team in the league.  Let's take a look at how each division should play out according to the experts in the desert. The American League East was won by Toronto last year and they should repeat.  However, the Red Sox and the Yankees have long dominated this division.  Both of those teams are primed to challenge the Blue Jays this year.  Don't plan on seeing Baltimore or Tampa Bay playing games in October. In the Central, the Royals are coming off a World Series victory and have had plenty of success the past two seasons.  No surprise here as they should win the division again.  The Tigers and Indians are slightly behind them, with the White So...Read More