About Us

My name is Michael Morris and I love baseball.  Baseballs hit so hard that your ears ache.  That’s how I came up with the name of the site.

I grew up near Seattle and became addicted to the game of baseball at a young age.  What kid wouldn’t with Ken Griffey Jr, Edgar Martinez, and Randy Johnson playing for your hometown squad.

Of course, we were always full of big-name talent, seemed to be in the playoff hunt every year, but never could quite get over the hump.

That didn’t even change when we were led by Ichiro Suzuki, Jamie Moyer, and a team that nearly set a record for wins in a season.  When it came to the postseason our team found a way to get bounced.

Now, we are in a little bit of a downtime, but I’m still a big fan.  That is why I created this site, so I could talk baseball with a wide audience and share my passion for both the game and the Seattle Mariners.  I hope that you like what you read, and feel free to send me any notes or suggestions.

Hope you enjoy!